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Sushi How-To in Tokyo

There are many sushi-making classes in Tokyo, as you might imagine. I was looking for something where I could learn how to actually cut fish and get insight into the different types of fish used in Japan for Sushi. We found a fantastic group that creates more in-depth experiences around Tsukiji Fish Market. They can provide you insider access to the professional side of the fish market, get you in to the morning auction and give you context for what is happening, or take you on a craft brewery tour - many offerings that are more authentic and in-depth than your average tour.

We spent the morning touring the fish market - getting behind-the-scenes access to the fishmongers and gaining appreciation for the history and culture of the market. In the afternoon, we met up for our sushi-making class.

Our chef led us through the different types of fish in Japan, as well as what was best for the season. He taught us the proper way to cut the fish - starting with the whole fish. We learned how to prepare the whole fish, fillet it, remove the skin and make the proper cuts for sushi or sashimi.

Sushi-making class in Tokyo

We were able to cut an entire fish on our own, but in order to really appreciate the breadth of offerings from the market, the Chef had prepared other fish for us earlier that morning.

List of fish types for Sushi

It was great to be able to try so many different fish. The Mackerel was my favorite - nothing like what we get in the States. The Chef explained Mackerel is really only good for hours after it is killed. The Tunas were remarkable. And, we now understand how different areas of the same fish create different types of sushi.

The class was great fun. We all now appreciate that making sushi is much more complicated that it appears. We did an admirable job but you could easily differentiate ours from the Chef's preparation.

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