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The Curatour is an independent affiliate of Brownell, a Virtuoso© agency

Mission Statement:

Our lives are richer when we experience perspectives different from our own. I provide a counter to the over-sanitized tourist destination and the over-indulgent luxury experience.  I focus on enriching travel experiences where context makes a trip memorable and enhances our understanding of the world.

I have gathered my collective experiences from traveling the globe and culled it down to the most notable, interesting and distinctive elements needed to create the perfect trip.  

About The Curatour

Travel Curation

I cultivate timely information on in-the-know guides, pop-up food destinations, one-of-a-kind shops, limited engagement art exhibits and more. I know the quintessential place to stay and the not-to-miss restaurants - not based on luxury or exclusivity - but because they are unique to where they are.   

I know my clients - the types of trips they love and what new places that might intrigue them.  I know the article that inspired them to travel and the ideas they want to explore.  ‚Äč

I bring all of this together into a curated dossier specially designed for each trip that offers everything but an ordinary adventure. 

When to Go Where and What to See
Designed With Your Interests In Mind