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How We Work

I specialize in creating distinctive travel experiences for our clients that are designed around their interests and travel style. 


As with most professional advisors, I charge a fee for my services. The fee is dependent on the type of travel planning needed. I find that our clients see the value in the experiences we create and the insights we bring and see the fee as a nominal part of the cost of their vacation.    


I look forward to an introductory discussion where I can learn more about your travel experiences, what you are looking for in your next trip and how we might be able to help create a distinctive experience for you.   


Together we will uncover your vision for the perfect trip. 


I start with learning more about you and what you want from your trip.  I am excited to learn about where you have traveled, what parts of the world you enjoy most or the motivation for an upcoming vacation.  While I have many favorite itineraries, hotels and experiences of our own, it is critical for me to know what will be memorable for you.  


 I work together with you to develop
an itinerary perfectly designed for you.


Once I have a chance to get to know you and what you want from your vacation, I use that to inform a handful of possibilities to present to you and see what really gets you excited. My hope is that we introduce you to new ideas that you may not have considered before. There should be a bit of back-and-forth until we get to the perfect itinerary. Working with me, you have access to the best travel providers across the globe. Based on the type of trip you are interested in, I will reach to the right partners to create some extraordinary options.      


I finalize and confirm a custom itinerary.


When I know we have nailed down an experience you are excited about, I will confirm all of the elements with you and then confirm every detail with our partners for your trip. I work behind the scenes to finalize all aspects of your trip including reaching out to all of our providers to ensure they know about any special details relating to you and your trip. 


Bon Voyage!  
While you enjoy, I monitor everything from afar.  

As you head off on your trip, I am monitoring your itinerary and available should any bumps occur. While I triple check every aspect in the planning, unforeseen events can always happen. You can feel confident that should a problem arise, you have a resource that will handle it for you.  


We connect once again when you return
to hear about your experience.  

The most rewarding aspects of our work is to hear the stories from your trip. I can’t wait to hear how you liked the restaurant recommendation, what your partner thought of the hotel and if all of you made it to the very top of the hike.  Many times I have experienced things in our own travels and I love learning about what our clients think.  

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