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New Foodie Experiences in Thailand

Thailand is a MUST destination for foodies. The frenetic energy of Bangkok and the more approachable Chiang Mai and the spiritual sensibility in Chiang Rai - I love it all. Each region of Thailand has distinct flavors and ingredients. For me, exploring the country is as much about the food as it is about the history and culture. (photo: Lisheng Chang)

photo: Egor Myznik

Bangkok has some of the most amazing restaurants, but like many cities in Thailand, exploring street food is the true highlight. We have a wonderful experience that puts clients in an electric tuk tuk and takes you around to different food and drink stops around the city for a progressive dinner and drinks that includes a tasting of Thai whisky, a mind-blowing satay from a street vendor and ending at an amazing rooftop bar with a view of the entire city.

photo: Robin Canfield

For those looking for a more exclusive food experience, we have a new VIP epicurean adventure with James Beard, award-winning chef and restaurateur Andy Ricker. Ricker is most famous for his first restaurant Pok Pok in Portland Oregon, serving dishes lesser known to Americans from his travels in Chiang Mai. An expert in Thai street food, Ricker was featured in celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain’s culinary travel series showing Bourdain around his favorite places in Chiang Mai. Clients can now have the same experience on a private foodie adventure with Ricker - from breakfast at the morning market to visiting artisanal coffee and khanom jeen noodle makers, and snacks at the night market. You can also opt for a private Thai cooking lesson with Andy at his home test kitchen in Chiang Mai countryside.

I find Thailand a fantastic adventure for adults or families. My own family’s trip to Thailand in 2017 included a fantastic cooking school in a remote area outside of Chiang Mai where we got to wake at dawn and bike into the local market with the chef. A super unique experience. We also had the chance to experience more of a sophisticated cooking school in Chiang Rai. The hospitality of the Thai people is legendary for a reason and we left just filled with a love for that culture. You also get incredible value here - from a tiny authentic local hotel supporting a rural community to the 6-star service and elegance in the best resorts in Bangkok, it needs to be on your bucket list.


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