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Enhanced Benefits for Clients Traveling in Italy, Ireland, Scotland and England

This summer I was recognized as a Celebrated Legend. This is the highest honor from my partner Celebrated Experiences who we work with to craft amazing experiences in Italy, Ireland, England and Scotland.

Celebrated Experiences spent more than two years creating this Travel Advisor Recognition Program to bring attention to individual advisors.Cel There are only 212 Celebrated Legends. This is only about 5% of all the agents who have worked with Celebrated Experiences in the past 5 years.

While it is always nice to be honored, what is most important is the impact this will have on my clients traveling to these destinations. Clients will now receive access to the best guides, priority on upgrades, and more (full list below). "When we told our Celebrated Hotels and Celebrated Guides about this initiative, they were so excited to finally have a way to truly honor the work that individual advisors do," explained Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Epstein. "We also wanted this program to highlight aspects of our relationship beyond just production. While production clearly matters, we created a series of metrics to determine who is a Celebrated Legend or Celebrated Hero."

The metrics are:

Room Nights Booked

Total Room Revenue

Average Room Rate Booked Percentage of requests that close

Length of time it takes to close an itinerary Total Guide Revenue Booked Total Experiences and Tickets Booked Support of our company in each of our destinations: England, Ireland, Italy, Scotland. Bookings at our Collection of Celebrated Homes

Sending us all types of requests – booking just hotels when that is all a client requires Engagement/Enrichment: attending our virtual programs and road shows Professionalism, because we crave working with travel advisors that are as committed to the success of a trip as we are Organization, because there are so many details that go into a good trip and being organized ensures a trip’s success

Kindness, because it feels good to come to work and assist nice people The program extends these legendary benefits to your clients: 1) Your clients receive legendary recognition at our Celebrated Hotels and from our Celebrated Guides. Each of your bookings will note that you are working with a Celebrated Legend. The Collection of Hotels have been fully briefed on the program, and they are eager to show your clients extra special recognition. While many hotels are planning on tangible surprises, others are focusing more on the time and attention your clients will receive from senior management and their front of house teams. Also, we want to keep some of these benefits as a surprise! 2) Your clients will be preferred for upgrades and other special touches. 3) When it comes to the speed of an itinerary proposal and final documents, your itineraries will be prioritized. 4) When you have a hotel-only booking, we guarantee our speediest quotes and fastest confirmations aiming for 10am the following day, barring something unforeseen. 5) You will always get the most preferred allocation of elite Celebrated Guides. 6) We crave your feedback. We see you as a stakeholder, and we will request feedback on company policies so we keep innovating to meet your evolving needs.

Celebrated Experiences has an excellent portfolio of 4- and 5-star hotels that are inspected by their teams regularly and they always find us charming and "of-the-place" properties that offer excellent value. They also offer outstanding guides and support in their destinations.

We look forward to extending these new special perks to our clients.


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