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"Luxury for All"

Ian Schrager is known for being at the center of big changes in the hospitality industry. He was cofounder of Studio 54 which became the icon of 1970’s disco culture and then in the late 1980's became the founder of the boutique hotel movement.

Believe it or not he is now working with Marriott on a new hotel in New York named Public. Once again, Schrager seems to be ahead of the curve on what people want today from a hotel. He is teaming up with superstar restauranteur Jean-Georges Vongerichten who is overseeing the restaurant, grocery and “marketplace.” (Ian's The Royalton and Jean-Georges Vong were the best of New York City in the mid-to-late 90s.) The two are suggesting there is a new idea of luxury in the minds of travelers now.

Public Lobby

Schrager describes this newest endeavor as “embodying unsnobbish luxury.” As Schrager seems to recognize, luxury is more about “feeling elevated” by something. It isn’t about price or exclusivity. So the price point of his newest hotel in New York City is $150 a night - which is a great value in New York. According to an interview with Fortune Magazine, Schrager explains that he is getting to that price point by stripping out a lot of unnecessary stuff that the hotel industry has just assumed as a baseline. And, adding a music venue in the hotel as another option for revenue.

Public Hotel exterior

I think it is great that people are challenging the notion of a hotel and our definition of luxury. For me, I'm about a great location and a really good concierge. Jean-Georges restaurant here would be a bonus.

Public Hotels


NEW YORK NY 10002 PHONE 212 735 6000

Rooms starting at $150 per night

Location: The Bowery

Restaurants/Bars of note: Public Kitchen by Jean-Georges Vongerichten and The Roof, a rooftop bar

Best Features: New Ian Schrager hotel in NYC, rooftop bar, great price point.

Photos by Nikolas Koenig


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