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Luxury Barge Cruise in France

Belmond Luxury Barge France

Our partners at Belmond have iconic hotels and legendary trains in their collection, but Belmond also has a fleet of luxury barges in France. You can experience a slice of French life aboard one of their seven vessels.

What is a private barge with Belmond like?

  • Intimate experience: Depending on the vessel, there are only 4-12 passengers and you can charter it with your group of friends.

  • Fully-inclusive: Dining, accommodations, activities - it's all part of the journey

  • Gourmet cuisine: Your on-board chef will prepare fresh, locally sourced meals - truly a moveable feast!

  • Ease of travel: You only unpack once but get to experience several towns.

  • Personalization: Whether you want to go truffle hunting or hot-air ballooning, Belmond will customize your itinerary.

Imagine sipping French Champagne on the deck as you soak up the gorgeous vistas, hopping off the barge to ride your bicycle along the shore, or exploring local vineyards with an expert guide.

Even better, I can access exclusive promotions on last-minute barge experiences for this Fall. Now through the end of August, you can get 5,000 Euros off selected barges in September and October, or 50% off your companion's fare on certain September itineraries.


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