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The Curatour is a travel advisory company that creates distinctive travel experiences for clients around the world. We specialize in bringing more than just itineraries and logistics or obvious luxury. The Curatour creates travel narratives through unique experiences that help clients truly discover a place and its people.

 A Bespoke Travel Advisor 

"Let me curate a distinctive travel experience for you."  

Kiersten Murnane - Founder



Hiking to remote villages in the Golden Triangle, staying in the middle of a vineyard in Chile's Casablanca wine region or the perfect apartment on Zurriola beach for surfing in San Sebastian.  

I know destinations not found on page one of a google search. 

Context For

Your Adventure 

A primer on the varying opinions of the Columbian peace accord changes a private tour of art galleries in Bogotá or a bit of history on how the Gustav Klimpt painting "Women in Gold" arrived at the Neue Gallery in New York.  

I give you the context to heighten your experience. 

Insight & Guidance

Enjoy the insight and guidance of a group without the tour bus. A Private viewing of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican in Rome, accompanying a chef to a local market in Phrao, Thailand.  

I know when exploring with a guide can make the difference.  

Where to Go

& Why Now?

Beyond simply saying, "visit Paris in the Spring," I say visit Paris this March because as someone who appreciates art, the Russian Impressionists exhibit at the Foundation of Louis Vuitton is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

We can suggest a great destination based on the timing of your trip.  

The Curatour Blog

I want to share with you a constant flow of ideas about where to go, what to seek out and the most interesting places and happenings in travel now. 

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