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Kiersten brings a wealth of first-hand travel experience to her clients. Having visited more than 37 countries and counting, she has a truly insatiable passion for travel.  She embarked on a backpacking trip to Europe days after college graduation and has never looked back. She cherishes her expat experiences in London (on two different occasions), and Santaigo, Chile. She has traveled extensively through South America with her husband and two children and has a deep love for the continent. Kiersten will use any long weekend to explore a spot on the globe gathering insight for her clients.  

In addition to experiences traveling the world, Kiersten worked in public relations in the Travel Industry for many years. She began her career as the publicist during the development and launch of Disney Cruise Line for the Walt Disney Company and served as head of communications for The Breakers Resort in Palm Beach. Kiersten's career also included work in a global PR agency serving notable consumer brands. Her professionalism, creativity and we-can-make-it-happen attitude serve her clients well.  


Kiersten graduated from the Brownell Mentor Program.  She continues to hone her knowledge through first-hand travel experience around the globe as well as completing and refining her background through specialist certificates and advisor certifications.

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