Additional Fees

​Additional Fees:


Longer Itineraries

Trips longer than 12 days or multi-country itineraries might require additional fees.  Once we explore the trip through the Discover Call we can discuss an appropriate planning fee.  Trip planning is based on an hourly rate of $150 per hour.


Group Travel 

If more than 6 persons are traveling, it might require an additional fee.  If all of the participants will have the same itinerary and one point of contact, there is no additional charge.  If modifications will be made and coordination/trip planning will involve different people, we will quote the additional planning fee to cover the additional time needed.


Late Booking Fee 

If you are looking for assistance with a trip less than 30-days prior to departure, a $300 fee will be added in addition to the standard planning fee.  

Booking with Points 



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